Anyone can assign tasks sitting from a corner of the office. However, a good leader is one who has more qualities than that. Effective leaders can make a significant impact on their company’s overall performance and also on the team members whom they supervise.

Great leaders will always make their staff members more productive, happier, and more invested within the company, which can have a knock-on impact that can improve the company’s bottom line.

Daniel Suero Alonso is one such leader in the financial field and an entrepreneur. He is a firm believer that by using technology and digitalization one can make their personal finance more accessible and convenient to everyone.

Let us share our thoughts and note a few ways how one can become a business leader in his field.

  1. Engage in honest and open communication

Open communication with the team members is one of the most important components of effective leadership. Being straightforward is crucial while managing a group of people.

  1. Connect with all your team members

To be able to understand and trust all your team members is very essential while leading a group of people. Leaders have to practise connecting with people to achieve this.

  1. Learning about self to develop more self-awareness

A good leader knows himself and also his team members. To be even better, you must consider all your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and needs.

  1. Be confident and poise, even if you have no solutions

Maintain a straight posture, create proper eye contact, speak clearly and loudly, and utilise your large hand gestures for emphasising your points while you speak.

  1. Encourage professional and personal growth

Being an effective leader is going to involve playing the role of the cheerleader of your team. You also have to take care of their overall development and success.

  1. Keep a positive attitude

As much as leaders will wish their teams on their day-to-day operations, it could run efficiently all the time, however, when there is any occasional obstacle, you must remain positive.

  1. Learn more about your own field

Utilise every opportunity to increase your knowledge and develop yourself as an authority, particularly in your industry, profession, or area of study.

  1. Find a certain good mentor for improving your skills

So, what if you are holding a top leadership position? You can always find some scope to improve your skill. Discuss with any expert in your field, and make him your mentor.

  1. Teach your subordinates rather than ordering them

A good leader knows how to establish to others what is required rather than just telling them. Without urging them, leaders must teach their team members to a more dedicated, and collaborative workplace.

  1. Set clear goals and expectations

Employee success will largely depend on your team having a very clear goal and expectation for them. Encourage input and questions from your team while developing these goals.


The list can go on and on as you brainstorm on this, however, if you can start with these tips provided above, it will be a good beginning to become a good business leader.