Smart Towkay organization has developed the process of building trust among customers seeking the opportunity to take loans from banks. The banking sector facilitates customers with support to start their business, and they can generate capital for smooth work operations. The working environment in any SME has to be dealt with with financial backing. From making business deals to organizing different schemes for business development, it is very important to support the organizations.

Smart Towkay has supported people to find appropriate banks that can help them in their requirements. The criteria of loan sanction are described to them with proper evidence, and the customers have suggested comparing the opportunities of different banks to make their decision. Home loans, SME loans, and working capital loan are the sectors that are important to deal with. The Working capital loan is provided by different banks in Singapore to help the business infrastructure. The loan constructs have been compared as the following:

Bank Interest rate Interest total Penalty fees
OCBC Bank 2.5% $1950 1-2%
RHB 3% $2,346 none
DBS 3.75% $2943 Nill


In the above table, it has been shown that the working capital loan process has been varied in different banks. In OCBC bank, RHB and DBC, the interest rate, total interest, penalty fees and service charge processing fees have been differentiated according to the structure and amount of clients they are dealing with. Smart Towkay has provided the lenders with to compare banks to find suitable opportunities to grab the offer. OCBC ibanking business is considered with the technological implication. Account opening is a very important factor to start a new business. To go about a good business account makes an impression on the company’s image. The business bank accounts are required for

  • Monthly fees
  • Maintain a minimum balance
  • Easy to access and utility
  • Limits on the transaction and foreign currency transaction rates
  • Customer support system

To open a business account, OCBC bank requires no additional cost. The internet banking system makes it easier to open accounts online, and the account holder can receive the account details while staying at home online. Compared to other digital business accounts, the charge of ODBC for the digital account is lower approx S$10 for the initial two months. This account facilitates clients with multi-currency transfers and deals with euros and foreign dollars. OCBC makes it easier to do free FAST and GIRO transactions. The OCBC business growth account has comparably changed the condition of the business situation to adopt the currency changing process and the multi-purpose system of development to make the business opportunity suitable. Comparable to other banks, especially DBS, the choice of OCBC is considered to be a great choice for opening a business account via using banking. The digital banking setup has been worked as the most effective and transformational to lead to the growth of business structure in the competitive world. The world of business has been supported by the Singapore government irrespectively.