As an author, when you are looking for flexibility and independence, then definitely custom book printing has an edge over traditional printing methods. It allows complete control over the format, design, content, and material of the book. The author can choose them as per the requirements of readers and individual preferences. It provides complete freedom to create unique books or printed materials which stand differently among the masses. This concept is widely adopted by the business community as well to give a personalized touch to their promotional materials, user manuals, and training guides.

Advantages of custom book printing

  •       It is comparatively affordable

Custom printing is a highly cost-effective method. Initially, the author can order to print limited copies only, and later print more copies on demand if required. Even the expenses on editing, cover designing, and other aspects also get reduced, which makes the printing budget-friendly.

  •       It is quite flexible

This method offers great flexibility to the author. They can choose from a wide range of paper types, formats, font types, etc. to develop their book. Along with that, it gives complete freedom to add a personalized touch to a book like any design, format, graph, or sketch. Here, the author will get more room to add the color of their individuality and vision.

  •       It takes comparatively lesser time

Book publishing is considered a time-consuming process. However, custom printing can speed up this process. If smaller quantities are published, then the time required for printing, transportation, and distribution can be reduced. Furthermore, proofreading, editing, and cover design can be done robustly with the help of different online tools.

  •       It allows the opportunity to get a higher royalty percentage

The option of custom printing is suitable for newbies and experienced authors both. With traditional printing, the royalty amount is around 15 to 20%. On the other hand, in the case of self-publishing authors may get up to 70% of the amount in the form of royalties.

  •       It ensures personal connection

In the corporate world, there is no space for generic ideas. Businesses have to be bang on the point when it comes to their strategies and customer connections. To establish a personal connection with customers or potential customers, businesses should look for customization and innovation. Custom printing has great significance in branding and marketing. Businesses can go for customized business cards, brochures, packaging materials, promotional materials, and flyers.


It is quite clear that custom book printing offers great advantages in terms of personalization, flexibility, distribution options, quality control, etc. It provides complete control to authors and publishers over every element of their creativity. Furthermore, reduces the dependency on external agencies. Naïve authors can comfortably publish their debut book with the support of any recognized custom printing platform.