Increase your business’s value while attracting more customers by becoming a franchisor. Our book, how to turn my business into a franchise, will show you how! We offer a wide range of practical support and services that will help you to turn your business into a franchise.

The Local Guys Services specializes in helping existing small businesses and entrepreneurs turn their business into a franchise. You will have greater odds of success with The Local Guys Services. My team handles all of the aspects of a traditional franchise business, including market research and development, training, ownership support and management, real estate site selection, marketing, branding, and growing your chain.

You have a successful business model and you want to expand. That’s great, but who is going to handle all the details? Get all the ‘how to’ information you need in this 12-month coaching program that walks you through building a profitable franchise. From the basics of building your systems, to contracts, training and support – this program will give you everything you need to become a franchisor.

If you’re interested in franchising, it’s time to get your ducks in a row. A good franchise attorney or consultant can help you with the process of preparing and completing the FDD and Franchise Agreement, which will set forth how the relationship between you and your franchisees will operate.

The Local Guys Services was founded during the height of The Great Recession. Started as a painting company on the side of the road, with a rake, snow-shovel and ladder it soon became an LLC. Now it is one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia.

How to Franchise Your Business Everything you need to know to franchise your brand. We provide clear step-by-step processes and check lists to help franchisors create and grow their brands. To envision the growth of your brand and recreate a business system that can be replicated by franchisees is a grand undertaking. This takes time, talent, team work and money but if done correctly the end result is a business system which has the flexibility to change and evolve with the times, provides sound investment opportunities for partners and delivers high quality services to consumers year after year after year.

Give The Local Guys a call. We have a proven system designed to help you grow your business and be in control of your future. The Local Guys has more than 20 years of experience helping successful entrepreneurs build their brand, grow sales and expand into new markets.

We work with franchise owners to provide staff for their events. We foster relationships of trust, confidence, and collaboration with each franchise owner and have developed networks of candidates from all over to serve in franchise locations.

We help you create a Rock Solid, Scalable and Profitable Business that you can sell for top dollar or hand over to the next generation.

The Local Guys Services is the best home restoration service provider in your area. We offer a wide range of services including: pest control, water damage, plumbing, foundation repair, appliance repair and more.

While the purpose of your business is to make a profit, it is also your duty to see that your employees are enjoying their work. It’s important that workers understand that this is not “just a job.”