It is quite common to see squirrels in England. You can spot them in any Manchester park, scurrying around trees. While you may think these animals are harmless and cute, remember that they are also highly territorial. Getting rid of them can be a task once they settle in your home or office.

This is why Manchester homeowners call in professionals when they have squirrel problems. Pest control companies like Pest Control Manchester have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with such situations. They will help remove these little furry devils from your home and ensure they never return. For further guidance, call them and book an inspection.

Why are squirrels a problem?

Squirrels are then one that has ever-growing incisor teeth. To keep their teeth from not growing too long, they keep on gnawing on something or other. Unfortunately, the roof timber in your loft is simply perfect for this purpose. Furthermore, squirrels even chew through electric cables, water pipes, etc., which can cause immense damage to your property.

In some cases, squirrels chewing on wires have resulted in fires breaking out. So, it is best not to take these small yet destructive animals lightly.

Signs that suggest you may have squirrel infestation?

 1. Strange noises in the house

If you will concentrate, you will be able to hear sounds that won’t exactly make any sense. These strange noises are especially audible during monsoon and winter months. Also, squirrels like to make their nests in attics. So, pay attention to any sound that might come from the ceiling. The two most common sounds that you will hear from squirrels are:

  • Scurrying and scampering
  • Scratching and chewing

2. Unexplained damage around the house

It is usually difficult to notice any damage caused by squirrels inside the house. This is because they chew on hidden items like wires. However, the exterior of your house will show you a clear picture of squirrel damage. Try to look for:

  • Wood chips scattered around the house
  • Teeth marks on wires, pipes, exterior walls, etc.
  • Damage in the air vent
  • Holes in shingles
  • Ripped open garbage bags
  • Damaged bird feeders
  • Chewed-up garden furniture
  • Eaten garden plants

3. Squirrel droppings

This is one of the most significant indicators that you may have a squirrel problem. If you notice any droppings in your attic or other areas inside the house, squirrels are roaming around your place. Nevertheless, be very careful as every type of animal droppings carries bacteria and diseases. Therefore, avoid coming in direct contact with it.

4. A decaying smell inside the house

When squirrels try to invade your home, not all of them make it through. Some squirrels might get stuck inside the walls, pipes and wires. Soon, these squirrels die and decay. This results in a bad and foul smell inside the house.

5. Squirrel footprints

It is easy to identify squirrel footprints. Check for tracks in the snow or in areas with dust.

When you confirm that you have a squirrel problem, the first thing to do is seek professional assistance. Contact pest control companies offering same-day response to ensure your home is safe and habitable again. Acquire a few quotes, review their customer testimonials and pick a suitable service provider to help you with your squirrel infestation.