Securing the appropriate business loan for small businesses can make all the difference in terms of finances. To help navigate through all your available options, here is a list of common loan types tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses. Look these up to get business loans.

Term Loans

One of the easiest forms of business financing is a term loan, which involves borrowing an up-front sum with fixed monthly repayment terms and interest. These loans can be used for equipment purchases, expansion costs, working capital needs, or simply budgeting purposes – providing predictability to help small-business owners budget with ease.

SBA Loans

Offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration, SBA loans provide financial support to small businesses that may have difficulty qualifying for conventional loans and offer more favorable terms and lower down payments than their competitors. These loans offer financial relief when qualifying is challenging – providing both term flexibility and reduced monthly payments for assistance when you need financial help from traditional loans.

Business Lines Of Credit

Business lines of credit offer businesses that experience fluctuating cash flows or need to keep operating an option that can help meet short-term demands for funds. Similar to credit cards, it allows borrowers to borrow up to their credit limit; interest is charged only on that amount borrowed, providing financial flexibility needed for short-term needs.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing can be an ideal solution for small businesses that require new machinery, equipment, or technology. A secured loan with this form of collateral often results in better terms than unsecured loans.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing offers businesses struggling with late payments an effective solution. Businesses can borrow against outstanding invoices to obtain funds. A lender advances a percentage of an invoice’s total and once payment is received from customers (minus fees) the full balance can be released back into cash flow for use by your business. It provides an invaluable way of maintaining cash flow as you wait.


Microloans are small loans provided by online lenders, nonprofits, and community lenders and are designed specifically for startups or small businesses that may not require large amounts of capital to operate successfully. Often these microloans include mentorship and support programs that can assist them along their journey.

Final Thoughts

Small business loans provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive selection of funding solutions to suit any of their financing needs, helping them make more informed financial decisions. Understanding all available loan options will enable entrepreneurs to select an optimal funding option.